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The Housing & Urban Development Department is the nodal Department of Government of Odisha for ensuring proper and planned growth of cities and towns with adequate infrastructure, amenities and services provided to the citizens through the Urban Local Bodies and parastatal agencies...
As reflected in the budget allocation and re-appropriation for the FY 2013-14 the major thrust of Housing & Urban development Department is on improvement of urban governance, urban infrastructure and urban poverty alleviation. The targets and timelines laid down for different schemes under the state plan are incorporated in this document with a view to ensuring close monitoring...



Important Notices / News

Result of Technical Evaluation of the bids received for selection of CAG empanelled Charted Accountant Firms for Audit of DEABAS in 9 AMRUT Cities of Odisha  

Proceeding of Pre-Bid meeting held on dt.12.1.2016 for preparation of GIS / RS based Master Plan for 19 towns of odisha  

Selection of CAG Empanelled CA firm for audit of accounts prepared through Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting System in 9 AMRUT Cities of Odisha 

RFP for preparation of GIS / RS based Master Plan for 19 (nineteen) towns of odisha  

RFP for Inviting Outsourcing Agency for Recruitment for personnel in different ULBs  

RFP for Street Vendor Survey  

Request for Qualification for implementation of Odisha Street Lighting Project on PPP basis  

Pre-bid clarification on RFP of Water ATM.  

RFP for selection of operator for City Bus Service of CUTSL, Cuttack  

Prebid Meeting Clarification for Selection of Advertising Agency for Advertising Space Rights in City Buses of BPTSL  

RFP for installation of Drinking Water Purification Plants and Water ATMs in Bhubaneswar  

RFP- Preparation of Comprehensive Detailed Project Report for Rejuvenation and Sustainable Conservation of Bindusagar and its periphery pond of Bhubaneswar  

Selection of Advertising Agency for Advertisement Space rights in City Buses of BPTSL  

Pre-Bid Quarries of Ten Towns in Odisha held on 21/08/2015.  

Office Order for Cancellation of Bid.  

Office Order TPA of OULBAS (e-Municipality)  

Pre- Bid Clarification on DEABAS  

RFP for preparation of GIS/RS based master plan for 10 towns of Odisha 

Central Street Vendors Act, 2014; 

Odisha Street Vendors Rules, 2015;  

Odisha Street Vendors Scheme, 2015 under "Acts and Rules"  

RFP Process Manager Contract Agreement SMC CMC BeMC  

RFP for Selection & Empanelment of Resource Organisation to Cataluse the Formation of SHGs  

RFP on Selection of CAG Empanelled Chartered Accountant Firms for Audit of Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting System (DEABAS) in 103 ULBs of Odisha  

RFP for selection of operator for City Bus Service of JKSUTT, Koraput(4-Packages)     

RFP for Third Party Audit of Urban Local Bodies Automation System (e-Municipality)  

RFP for selection of operator for City Bus Service of BBUTT (Balasore-Bhadrak)  

RFP for selection of Operator for City Bus Service of GUTSL(Berhampur)  

Pre-Bid Queries of Process Manager  

Corrigendum PMU(2nd) 

Minutes of Pre-bid Clarification meeting for Installation of APTS in City Bus Services of Bhubaneswar 

Corrigendum PMU 

PMU Pre Bid Clarification Reply 

Revised EOI for PMU PHE  

RFP for Selection of Process Manager to undertake Citizen Centric Services 

RFP for Selection of PMC for implementation of APTS in the City Bus System of Bhubaneswar 

Pre bid queries on SWM for Greater Sambalpur area on PPP Mode 

Setting-up of Programme Management Unit (PMU) at PHEO 

Extension of Bid Submission of NMMP Project 23.05.2015  

Revised RFP for selection of operator for City Bus Service at Rourkela (SUTT) 

Minutes of pre bid meeting on PMU under SBM. 

Corrigendum of NMMP 

Corrigendum notice of Solid Waste Management System of SMC, Sambalpur 

Establishment of PMU 

RFP for Establishment of SBM PMU 

Selection of Implementation Partner (IP) for implementation of e-Governance Project in selected ULBs of Odisha under JnNURM 

Pre Bid Meeting City Bus Rourkela 

Corrigendum RFP Sambalpur 

RFP for City Bus Service (BBUTT) Balasore-Bhadrak 

RFP for City Bus Service (SUTT) Rourkela 

EOI for Establishment and Operation of Water-testing Laboratories 

RfP for Establishment and Operationalization of both State Level Technical Cell (SLTC) and City Level Technical Cell (CLTC) under Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY)(Single Package) 

RfP for City Bus Service JKSUTT

Action Plan for SWM in ULBs of Odisha

Cancellation of NMMP

Corrigendum for bids of the RFP for Third party audit of e- Municipality bearing no. SLNATPA-e-MUN


2nd Corrigendum on RFPs for Establishment & Operationalisation of SLTC,CLTC,CRPMC,UMC,SMMU & CMMU

Corrigendum Notice-No 1 33., 34. and 35. SUDA

33. Request for Empanelment as Supplier , Last Dt. 25.01.2015 @ 1 P.M

34. Request_for_Empanelment-Travel , Last Dt. 25.01.2015 @ 1 P.M

35. Request_for_Empanelment-Hotel, Last Dt. 25.01.2015 @ 1 P.M

Request for Qualification (RFQ) cum Request for Proposal (RFP) Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management (IMSWM) System for Greater Sambalpur Area On Public Private Partnership (PPP) format. 

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